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Product Other Warranty BuyShield Warranty Savings

Toshiba Satellite


2 years standard protection


2 years total protection
with Drops & Spills coverage


HP Pavilion i5 processor


2 years standard protection


2 years total protection
with Drops & Spills coverage


Apple MacBook Pro i7 processor


2 years accidental protection


2 years total protection
with Drops & Spills coverage


  • Over a quarter of a million dollars worth of products protected so far

  • "A" From the BBB

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  • Warranty Coverage
  • Warranty Service
  • Warranty Backing

Warranty Coverage

Break/Fix coverage on laptop warranties begins upon expiration of the manufacturer warranty and covers product defects and/or failures that occur during normal use of product. Malfunctions resulting from any type of customer-induced damage from abuse, mishandling, etc., are NOT covered under B/F programs. B/F covers your product for up to the full purchase price excluding tax and shipping.

The "Drops & Spills" (ADH - Accidental Damage from Handling) coverage begins at Date of Purchase and augments your Care Plan to include accidental damage from spills, drops, and other accidental breakage for the life of your warranty. ADH does not protect against theft, loss, viruses, or reckless and/or willful damage occurring from using the item in manner it was clearly not intended for. Cosmetic damage and pre-existing conditions are not covered by ADH.

Warranty Service

Upon product failure, you will need to contact BuyShield customer service at 1-866-927-3114. Customer service will direct you on how to return your failed product to a designated location where your product will be analyzed. Once failure is verified, your product will be fixed or a refurbished or replacement product will be dispatched.

All warranties have a 60-day waiting period before coverage can be redeemed.

Warranty Backing

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. was founded in 1998.

With extensive underwriting experience and a prestigious "A" (Excellent) Financial Size IX rating from A.M. Best, AmTrust has earned a reputation as an innovative, technology driven provider of insurance products.

Warranty prices listed for comparison are for the duration specified, from date of purchase, may or may not include Accidental Damage from Handling coverage and are publicly available. Plans may differ in ways other than price; view terms and conditions for any other service plan for full comparison.